laura guarnera

As one once was, maybe as a child, with all the desire to create one's own worlds and destroy them again - here lies all the power to start off anew.
Pina Baush

Blending my passion for yoga, dance and pilates, lead me to organically develop my own style and practice. "Fluid fusion". Improvising I realized that there is no separation, but integration, between all of this art forms. What I learned is that breath is the only key, capable of opening thousands of doors, an incredibly powerful laser capable of removing layers of tension. Fluid Fusion brings freedom into the practice, it is a flowing blend of yoga, pilates and dance, moving with the waves of the breath to un-do, integrate, lengthen, strengthen, giving into gravity, in order to take off ,into a gentle personal self discovering dance. I am passionate about the infinite expressive capabilities of the body, the joy of moving from within, like a flower, from the centre, floating, transferring the true passion and movement initiation to the wings, in order to find the freedom to fly.

My Journey
My journey started in Italy, since my young age, I just wanted to Dance! I moved to London and after graduating from the Laban Centre, my dream came into reality, I formed my own dance Company, Trinacria Teatro Danza, performing multi media productions and teaching internationally for over fifteen years. I started practicing Yoga during my pregnancy, during my yoga practice I wished to be re-connected to this gentle, weightless brightness that I had observed at work in my body during the birth of my child. I have practiced many style of yoga, from the most physical one to the most profound and soft approach of Vanda Scaravelli and certified as a Hatha yoga teacher, during my self discovery journey to India. I have learned Pilates (Pilates foundation,Uk), Gyrotonics, Franklin Method, martial arts and lately Garuda. I had the fortune to study with inspiring and delightful teachers, such as John Stirk, Gary Carter, Eric Franklin, James D`Silva and lately Sandra Sabatini, student of Vanda Scaravelli and authors of many books.

I am now a qualified Garuda apparatus teacher, Garuda was conceived and developed by an inspiring teacher and friend James D'Silva. In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a sacred mythical bird that changes shape according to its function. Encompassing the principles of pilates, the breath work and asana practises of yoga, the grace and athleticism of dance, Garuda uses a single apparatus to create the stage for exercise limitless possibilities, it is the only machine that allows you to dance with it, as an intimate Partner. Namaste`

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